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2010 Tax Changes

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"2010 Tax Changes"

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2010 Tax Changes

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2010 Tax Changes

Income tax law changes by Congress were on the legislative agenda and negotiations by both parties whether the Bush tax cuts will be extended.

In 2001 and 2003, the GOP Congress passed a series of income tax law changes and numerous tax cuts for small businesses, investors, and families which were set to expire on January 1, 2011.

How long could the tax gridlock continue in Congress? Would they pass some simple tax legislation before the end of 2010? Would the largest tax hike in history beginning in 2011 result in higher income tax rates for families and individuals in all income tax brackets.

Finally on December 17, 2010 The Tax Relief Act was passed by Congress extending many of the Bush tax cuts for another two years.

Income tax law changes = Lower tax rates

Income tax law changes = Lower capital gain rates

Income tax law changes = Lower dividend tax rates

Income tax law changes = Lower tax brackets

Income tax law changes = LOWER TAXES


1. Hire an accountant or ask a tax expert to educate you how to document, and legally deduct expenses to lower your taxes.

2. A small business specialist can show you which income tax changes apply to you and your sole proprietorship, LLC or S corporation. 

3. Accountants will give you the accounting advice to maximize your refund..

4. Income tax experts can provide the tax advice, accounting advice, and bookkeeping advice to help educate you on the little known deductions.

5. Accountants will guide you and give you the accounting advice and income tax strategies in preparing your federal income tax return.


Take advantage of every opportunity to get the proper income tax advice and accounting advice to save money on your income taxes. The 2010 tax changes will save individuals, corporations, and small businesses thousands of dollars in taxes by taking doing some tax planning and using the tax loopholes to minimize your income taxes.  Ask a tax expert to help you lower your taxes.

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