Bookkeeping Software


Today there are numerous bookkeeping solutions to help you manage your books online or offline including QuickBooks and Peachtree.

When use an online bookkeeping software application, you must insure that your service provider storage and backup facilities and online access is secure so you donít loose any of your financial information. You usually access your financial data and records online by entering login information. Your provider is responsible for providing you with software updates, tight security measures and data storage. Both of these bookkeeping software programs can be loaded on an office computer with no need to go online except to download updates.


The one big advantage in using online software is that you can let your accountant access your data since with the right password, your bookkeeping records can be accessed from anywhere in the world.


Before selecting bookkeeping software, call your accountant to discuss the advantages and disadvantages. Our firm prefers QuickBooks Pro since it is all inclusive and flexible and it can be emailed to the accountant and integrated with our accounting package.


So contact our tax expert before you make a final decision.


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